Performance Marketing

We craft performance driven marketing programs that attract, engage and convert your target audience.

Pay As you Grow

We partner you in success and make money when you do.

Responsive Websites

We build awesome websites that look nice across devices and screen sizes.

What the heck is PizzaCMS?

Pizza Conversion Marketing Solutions: Conversion Marketing inspired by Pizza

We are a bunch of Pizza lovers who have been living and breathing Marketing for the more than 15 Years. It is our conviction that the history of Pizza and Marketing is closely related. In the BP (Before Pizza) Era demand of all food was equal to the supply and no one ever needed to market their produce. Pizza was a strange discovery, it could be mass produced and distributed.This caused Demand Supply gap for the first time in the history of mankind. Our team believes that humans first learnt the art and science of marketing to sell Pizza.

Our brand is a tribute to the great food and the craft of marketing.

Responsive Websites

We build awesome websites that look nice across devices and screen sizes.

Performance Marketing

We craft performance driven marketing programs that attract, engage and convert your target audience.

Pay As you Grow

We practice Lean- Build Lean, Scale Lean, charge small upfront and make money when you do.
“PizzaCMS helps us with online marketing , customer acquisition and business strategy. DoCircuits has grown organically by more than 4X in the last one year and I can easily say that PizzaCMS has primarily been instrumental for such growth.

Along with user base, PizzaCMS has established leadership for DoCircuits on Social platforms and has driven value and customer acquisition from multiple online channels.”

- Kapil Kaushik, Founder DoCircuits

What do we do?

Conversion Marketing Programs, Pizza style!

At PizzaCMS (Pizza Conversion Marketing Solutions) we have adopted the principles of making pizza to conversion marketing programs.The Base is Responsive Website that scales across multiple devices – PCs, Mobiles and Tablets. Your website is designed by experts, looks professional and works for your business!

Things start getting interesting once the base is ready. Time to jazz things up with some Toppings. To a website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what Cheese is to Pizza. Search Optimization is a topping we add to every website and the other toppings is per order. Want add some Spicy Social Marketing? No problem. Want some Blog done. Here it comes. Our chef recommends the toppings package -Inbound Marketing – some of our customers call it Gourmet Conversion Marketing.

And the best part.. on our Pizza style websites you always have the option of adding additional toppings as your business grows. Add services and features as business grows – right from SEO, PPC, Social Media, Building your Brand to Product Evangelism – we can help your business grow at every step. All of this with a flexible business model – where our success is tightly linked to your success.

Lean Conversion Marketing

01 / Gap and Opportunity Analysis

We start our engagement by listening to our customers and identifying the real problems and opportunities.

02 / Blue-Sky & Brown-Earth Strategy

We research, brainstorm and often fight to build a strategy that blends the wisdom of years with outrageous ideas.

03 / Rapid Prototyping and Test

We then build the prototype and roll out the program and run various tests for a limited time or on a limited audience.

04 / Launch, Analyze and Iterate

Now it’s time to scale. Backed with solid analytics we quickly scale and iterate towards the program goals.

World Without Me

World Without Me is a platform for digital natives to curate their Life’s Story, Build Legacy and Live Digitally Forever. We worked with the World Without Me team to evangelize the platform, create the launch strategy and acquire early adopters.

Do Circuits

We worked with the DoCircuits team to create their Brand, open up Customer Acquisition channels, drive Social Media Campaigns and bring them right on the top at google through some smart SEO and Conversion Optimization.

Confusing Homework

ConfusingHomework is an On-Demand Homework Assignment Platform. We help ConfusingHomework with Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Engagement and Marketing on unconventional channels like Fiverr.

Digital Strategy

Goals, Platforms, Launch, Engagement and Evaluation

We create digital strategy for businesses on five pillars: goals, platforms, launch, engagement and evaluation. These online strategy pillars help transform the online estate from fragmented poor customer experience to a multi-faceted set of capabilities that drive positive revenue, customer experience and market differentiation.


We measure expected impact on key drivers like depth and width of online penetration, influence on target audience, tonality, sentiment and virality.


We perform analysis and recommendation on platforms and vehicles. For example, earned (organic) vs. paid presence. twitter vs. facebook vs. pintrest.


We create touch points that target audience can easily discover and a compelling story that the audience relates with. For example, mobile first vs. web first.


We help plan, create and seed social communities that entice your target audience and help you reach out to the evangelists.


We diagnose the gaps and steps to address including the matrices, feedback mechanism, tools and timelines in an iterative and structured manner to increase value at every step.

Responsive Website. Performance Marketing. Pay as you Grow.



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